This is a general introductory for the Husqvarna Motorcycle Company.

A common trait with most motorcycle companies is the fact that they tended to start their manufacturing on Bicycles and in time they ended up going towards motorcycles when they became more established. Husqvarna is no exception to this, as their company was founded in 1903 in Huskvarna Sweden. The first motorcycles that they would produce wouldn’t come about until 1918 when they started producing the Husky model all in their own manufacturing plants. A few things happened around this time and these are what got them on the map of success. The first is the Swedish military gave them contracts; this helped grow popularity with the people. They also started selling their merchandise to people who were involved in cross country and long distance racing. The motorcycle was best known for its racing abilities in the early 1900s. In 2013 the motorcycle brand was bought out by the man who owns 50% of KTM motorcycles. They are a small motorcycle company, but they have a long history with motorcycles and only the future will tell what is going to happen with this company now that it has a new owner.

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by on January 29, 2014