This is a general introductory for the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company.

Harley Davidson, the granddaddy of them all (I’m an American, sorry). Founded in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the year 1903, they would soon grow to become one of the largest producers of motorcycles in the entire world. This survived the Great Depression, and for good reason, it’s good quality. Harley is not a racing type motorcycle and is well known around the world for its heavy type models of motorcycles. This is overall the most popular brand in the USA and is generally exclusively owned by people who take part in motorcycle clubs around the United States. The founder of this brand was William S Harley at the age of 20, when he drew up plans for a small engine in the early 1900s.The second half of the name was given to the brand when his brother Walter Davidson was introduced to this and helped him build upon the soon to be unstoppable motorcycle empire. Like most motorcycle companies, the first models were simply motorized bicycles. The name grew in amazing popularity when the World War I struck and the demand for motorcycles was intense for the United State Military. Harley provided around 15,000 bikes for the military in World War I. To survive the Great Depression they needed to become more innovative, so they started producing three wheeled bikes that were used for delivery. World War Two was Harley’s next great break, when they got more contracts for from the United States military. This saw the end to one of their greatest competitions at the time, Indian, as they soon went bankrupt in the year 1953. Harley to this day is still a huge company and continues to expand into different markets every year. Personally, I scoff at their decision to expand into glasses and clothing, in the words of the great Pantera, they have become part of “The Great Southern Trend Kill”.

Great motorcycles, Harley, but stop selling out… You’re making us all look bad and you’re blowin it.

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