When I first decided to make this website, I simply was doing it out of boredom, something to get myself going. MY family, friends and peers are all very much into motorcycles and I figured this would be an ideal thing to help out my friends and family. With that in mind, this can honestly help out anyone who has an interest in motorcycles. When I was growing up I discovered my interest in them because my dad had rode me on his bike often, it was a great time and I thought about doing something a lot with them whilst I was a kid. With my niche in my life being technology, I figured later on in life that this would be the best of options to keep moving with my childhood interest of motorcycles.

If you take some time to look around, you will notice the content on my website can be extremely useful to many different people, from many different corners of the globe. The motorcycle culture is obviously far reaching and there are so many different types of culture involved with the utilization of motorcycles. Hopefully the way that my website is designed will make it very simple and easy for you to get the work you want to get done, when it comes to motorcycles and the way they work. I also spent some time in the categories of them giving a brief history of the different types of motorcycles one my website. Not the best history lesson in the world, but if you feel like I didn’t do a good enough job, write your own and email it to me, I would be happy to apply it to the information section of the motorcycle you wrote about.

A good way to get started is to obviously have the type of motorcycle you have or simply just enjoy to read about, and simply find it on my website. MY website is for the most part extremely organized and very people friendly. If you take note, I have spent many hours working on this site, it may not look like it, but after the tedious organization I have done with everything, it will show that my site is a gem and in time will get even better as I have a keen interest in spending much time on it in the future. All of this was done in the hopes of making things easier on the average person who happens to come across my website in their internet travels.

So in conclusion, I truly hope you enjoy this site, as much as I enjoyed putting it together for the people who will happen to come across my site. It was hard work to put the entire thing together, but I truly believe that it was worth it and that not only my family and peers will love it, but the general population of the world will also enjoy it and utilize it to it’s fullest potential, as I know that it truly has.


Ps: Those of you who are interested in my favorite type of bike, I would have to go with the Indian, I just truly love the classic design it has and the eye catching beauty it brings to the market in the present and the past. Hopefully someday I can afford to buy one, but for now I can just dream lol.



Ps;ps: I also hope to own something more modern and futuristic someday, maybe something along the lines of this perhaps?




26 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi –

    Can I offer a couple of suggestions for your site?

    1) To become a valuable resource, I would put less personal info in the “about” section. To me, the “about” section should contain useful information about the site and its content. Perhaps a link to another “about me” page?

    2) How about an “upload” link?! 🙂 I have a Ninja 650r manual that I would contribute if there were a clearly labeled and easy to use option to do so.

    In any case, my $0.02 FWIW

  2. Personally I like the straight forward, honesty approach. The “bio” was a nice touch and I am certain a lot of work went into putting this together. I was Leary about “downloading” the Manuel for the used bike I recently bought but feel a lot better about it now that I kinda know who it’s from, thanx.


  3. Love your website! I own a 1975 Suzuki GT750 Lemans (unofficially known as the “Water Buffalo”). Manufactured from 1972 to 1977. I have a 1975 owners manual I could contribute if you let me know how to scan it and send it to you.

  4. I second the motion… Dude, You Rock !!! Very useful information on your website ! love it … if you can put up a paypal donate button I would be happy to make a small contribution! THANKS

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! I have checked the comments in a bit and was surprised to come back to so many. I’m going to work on getting a submit manuals button, I think that would be a fantastic idea! And I think the donate button would be cool as well, would help me pay for my students loans, and enable me to spend more time working on this website.

  5. Thank you soo much for the manuals!!! Helped me a lot when a friend did my shocks and I forgot my paper manual at home!

    Big thumbs up!!!


  6. Thanks for the VT750s manual. I really liked the bio so please don’t go making the site too corporate. Thank you too for your hard work. I would also contribute if you had a PayPal donate button and then maybe your dream of a new Indian would become a little closer to reality. Great job!

    1. Thank you very much! I can guarantee I won’t be going corporate, as you need to be heartless to do so. The donate button seems cool, thank you for the idea!

  7. Hello
    Do you/anyone have/know where I can access a owners manual or a workshop manual IN ENGLISH for a 2007 Honda CB400ss. That’s a single cylinder road bike, made I think for the domestic Japanese market.

  8. Dude, searching desperately for a service and parts manual for a Yamaha DT100A. 1974? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Cazza.

  9. I have about 40 Cagiva (1987-1997) workshop manuals, 1.72GB of Harley-Davidson manuals, 25 Honda manuals, 16 Kawasaki manuals, Suzuki manuals, Yamaha, Ducati, Moto Guzzi (1994-2008) Buel and Triumph manuals. I would love to help some bike brothers but unfortunately I can’t find a single button to upload them.

  10. Hi, I’ve noticed you don’t have the user manual for the Yamaha TDM850 from 1995, and I couldn’t find it anywhere on the net.

    I’ve scanned it, if you want to upload it to your site, I’d be happy to send it. Just drop me a mail.


  11. I like your website. I got a 1974/75 ?? Yamaha YZ 250 from a friend. The engine was dissembled and I need to re assemble it. Do you any one else have a manual for this bike for me.



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